Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rant Thursday: Too Discriminate or Not To

T-Bird Nation,
        As Cedar always tends to be behind in most things going on in the rest of the nation apparently anti-discrimination policies are one of the most apparent, especially with the constant coverage by the Journal. I understand the major demographic in Utah is White and Mormon. That is fine but the majority should never be able to oppress the minority.
       The Queer-Straight Alliance and the SUUSA Senate have both pleaded with the city council to pass a Anti-Discrimination Policy concerning work, housing, ect concerning LGBQT members of the community. Twice now the policy has been voted down by most of the council members, excluding Georgia Beth Thompson (Bless her soul). The council has told the club and SUU that their own anti-discrimination policy should suffice and that many of the Cedar Constituents would be upset if such a policy was created.
      First off, SUU is not it's own city. Just because we have a policy it doesn't protect those people once they leave campus which is not fair. Furthermore, since when should the University be the leaders of the community and have to make these choices, that is why we have a town council. The policy isn't ludicrous, it just asks members of the community not to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Not that bad.
      Secondly, Cedar City needs to get with the times and realize this is just different form of the the same problem we have always delt with through out our history with minorities. Why should a minority be treated differently and worse just because they are different. That is pure ignorance. So I urge you, Thunderbirds, make your voice heard in Cedar and help protect your other students!

Multi-Cultural Appeal

سيداتي وسادتي (Ladies & Gentlemen-in Arabic),
         I was privileged enough to see and hear some pretty amazing things last night on our fine campus here at SUU. Last night was the closing banquet for the Multi-Cultural Club. If you have never seen there sick t-shirts and asked them what they are all about, let me give you the low down. The club was started for lack of a better phrase "break up the white" that is going on in Southern Utah. Obviously, if you have ever been to So. Utah, you know 98% of the community is White & Mormon. SUU has started an amazing global outreach program but the students who get here are extremely traumatized by the overwhelming lack of diversity.
        The club was created to celebrate diversity and different cultures, but not only to celebrate but to educate. The club would spend a whole week learning about on of the members cultures and they would cook food associated with the culture, learn basic phrases, and even learn dances. The club seeked to spread knowledge and they did just that. With a total of about 50 members it was a great start. All because of one man, Shaka Richardson. He, sorry for the pun, "had a dream" and he pushed until he saw it fulfilled.
        As I sat in the Great Hall last night, watching them talk about their accomplishments and honor their members, i realized this may be the best club on campus and one of the most needed here at SUU. As a Saudi student was honored with a certificate from my table, you could tell it meant so much to him and he was so honored. Throughout the rest of the night he took pictures with many of the members but the certificate was always proudly presented and one could tell it was now one of his most cherished possessions. Americans tend to take certificates so lightly and just toss them out, but he was truly honored and that club/his new family made his experience here at SUU memorable and amazing.
       I encourage all of you to at least participate once in Multi-Cultural Club next year, as I know they have many plans. Learn about something that you aren't familiar with and step outside of your boundaries, you will be surprisingly pleased in the end.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rant Thursday: University Journal- News or Not?

This last Friday, Brian Regan, one of the most popular comedians in the country and one of the biggest activities on campus for the whole year performed in the Centrum Arena. However, you wouldn't know it because instead the Journal is giving  entire pages to themselves of ineffective advertising to join their staff and reporting on stories that could be put off until next week: i.e. how Power91 is cooler than last year.

Furthermore, the most prestigious awards ceremony on campus, The Thunderbird Awards, was on Saturday and got one picture, not even of any of the awards recipients, with a caption. The Journal has been know to frequently misquote or misrepresent the quotations/stories they are given. I know several people on this campus who refuse to do a verbal interview with the reporters of the Journal because they do this, instead they will only interview via email so they have document proof of what was said.

I think it is a tragedy when our "New Source" doesn't report on these important things happening on our campus. That I can't trust what I read because I know how often the stories are misconstrued. I think there needs to be a higher standard and expectation for the Journal and until I see that improvement, I think it might be better to just save a tree and recycle your next copy.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rant Thursdays: The Automation Nation

Greetings my fellow Blog-o-sphere members,
             This week's rant actually come from some female members of my office in the SUUSA offices. While I have had only a small encounter with this rant topic I have been assured that this is a major problem on our campus. We are taking a journey back to the bathrooms of SUU.
             As many of the members of Thunderbird Nation know, most of our toilets on campus are automated and flush automatically once the motion sensor determines you have stood up after finishing your business. While this can be a nice deterrent to the spread of germs that tend to be found around the porcelain throne. My first issue is that this is a depressing snapshot of our country in that we can't even muster up the energy to pull the handle of a toilet in order to flush. However, I do see a much larger benefit to stopping the spread of germs.
              Now while we have the automatic flush there are some serious issues with the calibrations on some of the toilets on  campus. The number one complaint I have heard from the girls in my office is that the flush is WAY too powerful, because it splashes and the water droplets from the small hurricane in the bowl gets all over the seat. While most men don't have to endure this issue very often due to our evolutionary prowess at being able to stand and to get things done, girls have to deal with this issue every time they are in need of the facilities. So the tiny droplets of toilet bowl water on the seat always can create little surprises that you weren't expecting.
            Furthermore, the timing on the toilet is just a little too fast. As soon as you stand up the toilet flushes, even if you may want to blow your nose (which forces you to have to make the toilet flush agin to get rid of your tissue) or haven't quite moved away to the safe distance that will keep you from being speckled with the water from the bowl. It is almost like a grenade where you have a safe zone about 15 feet from the bowl in order to avoid the explosion.
            One quick applaud for the campus is the water-free urinals that are starting to make appearances in some of the buildings on campus. I fully support the green initiative here on campus and would love to see many other changes like this to help cut down on our waste.
           Check in this next week for more events, observations, and rants about SUU!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday Rant: Blizzards

Welcome back from Spring Break SUU! Most of you more than likely went somewhere exotic and warm as I did. Arizona was t-shirt and shorts weather, even in the evening it didn't much colder than 60. A week of relaxation and joy.

Then we return to Cedar City to a mini tornado like weather and the following morning SNOW! As I write this blog entry now I can look out my window and see the soft white flecks falling and building up on my car. The whole year has been fairly light on the snow all the way thru the winter. Then we hit March and Cedar City decided, "Hey, I completely spaced it was supposed to snow earlier this year so here you go"

However, while this is a rant, I offer the following fun ideas to try to take your mind away from the bitter thoughts associated with snow in Cedar:
1) Go make a snow angel, relive your childhood and get a little cold
2) Start a snowball war in your apartment complex, what better way to meet new friends tha tlive nearby than to toss a snowball at them at a high speed.
3)Sit on the corner of 800 W and University. Watch all the Las Vegas students try to figure out what this white stuff on the ground is and how to drive on it. Much laughter to be had.

So as the blizzards will more than likely continue until SunFest, I will be depressed and annoyed. But use my above tips and try to party it up a little while you can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Rant: Hate Crimes

Greetings Everyone,
           This week I come to you with a story that I have known about since Monday but wanted to wait till the Thursday Rant to discuss. The Journal on campus as well as a few major newspapers nation wide are running stories on this same subject. This week were SUUSA elections campaigning and voting. The Voice Party consisting of Dallin Crane, Brynn Peterson, Noel Miller and Payden Adams ran a fun campaign. However, when people are different there are those who are ignorant that persecute them.

          Payden is homosexual and not afraid to tell people. However, he also isn't running around hitting on every single man that crosses his path. Well some ignorant and stupid person or group of people decided to tear down all of the posters with his face on them and many of those posters were found with the words "Queer" and "Fag" written on them.

         Now I understand being afraid of what you don't of something new but THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I can't believe Cedar City and SUU would have someone that would do this. We are in the 21st Century and I thought we had gotten past the stage of burning the witches, slavery, and treating people that are different as less than human. We are college aged students and we should at least understand that while that lifestyle may be different than ours, there is no excuse for vandalism and such prominent hate.
         Whoever you are, that did these crimes, I hope you someday can come to understand and tolerate people that are different from you. And to all of us, I hope we can increase our understanding and try to pull together because ultimately we are all human, and why should we treat any other human worse than we would want to be treated, just because they are different.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Rant: Construction

"Wait for the opportune moment" - Jack Sparrow

Unfortunately, SUU failed to wait for said opportune moment to start such a major construction in the middle of campus during the middle of the semester. Above is the picture of the construction zone located behind the Heat plant which has now spread all the way across the sidewalk and has divided the Centrum Arena and Tech building from the rest of Campus. Furthermore, I like the parking lot that is located next to the tech building as most of my classes are located over there and my office is in the Sharwan Smith. But now in order to access my 2 classes on the other side of campus I have to literally cut through the Sharwan Smith and come out and around to access those other buildings. Not cool.....who's bright idea was that and what could not wait until the Summer.

As a side note, not so much on the rant line of thought, the new Science Building is well on it's way to completion. If miss staring at it's awesomeness, you can always get a peak of it at the SUU Website. It is looking pretty amazing and I assume that those students in the Science's are very excited to have a new asbestos free building to work in, with a fun new basement for you to study Astronomy in....which is somewhat of a oxy-moron and ironic. Tune in next Tuesday for the weeks events here at SUU and Wednesday for new observations and finally Thursday for another rant about something happening on campus.