Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rant Thursday: Too Discriminate or Not To

T-Bird Nation,
        As Cedar always tends to be behind in most things going on in the rest of the nation apparently anti-discrimination policies are one of the most apparent, especially with the constant coverage by the Journal. I understand the major demographic in Utah is White and Mormon. That is fine but the majority should never be able to oppress the minority.
       The Queer-Straight Alliance and the SUUSA Senate have both pleaded with the city council to pass a Anti-Discrimination Policy concerning work, housing, ect concerning LGBQT members of the community. Twice now the policy has been voted down by most of the council members, excluding Georgia Beth Thompson (Bless her soul). The council has told the club and SUU that their own anti-discrimination policy should suffice and that many of the Cedar Constituents would be upset if such a policy was created.
      First off, SUU is not it's own city. Just because we have a policy it doesn't protect those people once they leave campus which is not fair. Furthermore, since when should the University be the leaders of the community and have to make these choices, that is why we have a town council. The policy isn't ludicrous, it just asks members of the community not to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Not that bad.
      Secondly, Cedar City needs to get with the times and realize this is just different form of the the same problem we have always delt with through out our history with minorities. Why should a minority be treated differently and worse just because they are different. That is pure ignorance. So I urge you, Thunderbirds, make your voice heard in Cedar and help protect your other students!

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